Fantasy Metal Surprise

There’s rain on the mountain
A white frost on the moors
It’s an epoch of eternity
Waters touch the holy shore
It’s a land of mystery
The world of unseen eyes
You can feel the shadow of a princess
She waits for you inside

The guardians of God play the pawns
Beg for mercy – hail the queen
Princess of the Dawn

In the war of the dragons
Young blood ran its course
They fell to his blade
The knight Iron Horse
A forgotten priest
Disappearing in the haze
A chamber of vestal virgins
Twilight is her slave

The Wizard of Oz moved the pawns
Life for satan – dust to dust
Princess of the Dawn

On the day of the testament
The seventh moon was raging fire
Heaven cried for the sacrifice
The midnight sun was rising higher
The Beauty and the Beast
Lies in her royal crypt
Her kiss is bitter sweet
Death upon her lips

The Holy Grail held the pawns
Kings and bishops bow to grace
Princess of the Dawn
The guardians of God play the pawns
Beg for mercy – hail the queen
Princess of the Dawn

A new day dawns for heaven and earth
A first sunbeam is killing the night
Once upon a time for ever more
The gloom with the spirit of that Lady in White
Princess – Princess – Princess of the Dawn
Princess – Princess – Princess of the Dawn
Princess – Princess – Princess of the Dawn
Princess – Princess – Princess of the Dawn

As a poem of the fantastic, I think it’s…well, fantastic! Terrific imagery, a sense of mystery, and repeated motifs.

This “poem” is the lyrics to the song “Princess of the Dawn,” by the German metal band Accept. I just saw Accept in concert last night (with fellow German metal band Kreator– I am still in pain) and was struck by the imaginative lyrics beneath all those churning guitars and leather pants.

Fantasy metal is a whole subgenre of metal (one which I’m sure I’ll be exploring a lot) but Accept is generally not known for it. They’re more known for their thrasher tracks, like “Restless and Wild,” and fist-pumping, S&M suggestive tracks like “Balls to the Wall,” “London Leatherboys,” and the funny/nasty “Dogs on Leads.” But “Princess of the Dawn” is certainly a foray into the speculative.

It’s not a perfect song. The mention of the Wizard of Oz is unexpected– and to me, intrusive. Also, there’s no clear narrative thread, though I could see the potential for one. Instead, it’s more a random collection of fantasy images. But how can you not love “white frost on the moors” and “the world of unseen eyes”?

Give the song a listen. The lead singer, Udo, has a voice that isn’t easy to warm up to. Imagine if Brian Johnson (AC/DC), was a cat getting his tail stepped on. Still, it has a great main riff, with some awesome breaks in there.

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