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November is Movember!

I wanted to do something unusual this month. NaNoWriMo was a good choice, but yet again, I’m not at a good place to try it out yet, so…next year, maybe.

I learned about Movember from a coworker. At first, I politely declined. I’m not good at a lot of things, and growing facial hair is one of the things I’m least good at. My five o’clock shadow takes three weeks to come in. When it does, everyone wishes it hadn’t.

But Movember is for a good cause– men’s health awareness. In particular, testicular and prostate cancer. While these two cancers are some of the most easily detected and treated, there is a significant barrier to curing them– men. Guys just don’t want to talk about or deal with…that guy stuff. I remember in high school, all the boys had to watch a video on giving themselves the testicular exam. Almost every guy in the gym squirmed and complained about watching the guy in the video demonstrate the exam. I was moaning right along with them, though I don’t remember if I was more uncomfortable with the video or with having my peers see me NOT be uncomfortable. (“Hey Knight, I bet you like watching that guy squeeze his balls!”)

So my goal (since I’m fundraising the way I did in May for the GWB Challenge) is just to spread some awareness and open some dialogue.


Not a true “before” picture. More of a “here how this starts out” picture…

How does that work, you ask. Watch this.

You: “God, Adam, that moustache is ugly.”

Me. “You know what’s uglier? Testicular cancer.”

You: “Your beard is so patchy, it looks like a lawn that’s been peed on by every neighborhood dog.”

Me: “Speaking of peeing freely….”

So I know it’s not much, but if I can get even one man over 50 to finally go and get an exam, or convince one guy in his 20’s to get over his high school squeamishness and perform a self-exam, I consider it a win. Now grow that ‘stache!

Update: January 2014: So on November 30, my wife didn’t want to leave me, and I didn’t want to chop my face off, so I decided to keep the ‘stache and goatee. The great thing about facial hair is that even if it’s bad, it does a great job of hiding a decidedly average face. So it stays– until I hate it.


I doubt I could start a ZZ Top cover band with this beard, but it’s a start.

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