About Adam Knight


Deep in the mist-clogged valleys of the Varisest Mountains, beyond the Crossroads of the Damned but not yet in the dominion of Yula Thek, lies a cottage, wherein dwells Adam Knight, a brooding warrior imbued powers of second sight and telekinesis. He waits, whetting the blade of his ancient sword, meditating on the creeping evils of the world, training his body and mind for the day when he will bring balance to our troubled land.

Now replace “mist-clogged valleys” with “under the shadow of the Bayonne Bridge,”  “brooding” with “friendly and cooperative,”  “warrior” with “author, writer, and Middle School English teacher,” and “second sight and telekinesis” with “solid grasp of grammar and sentence construction.” Not as much fun, but closer to reality.

Indeed, I am a novelist, short story writer, and teacher living in New Jersey. This blog is devoted to my love of the fantastic, weird and horrifying, including occasional commentary on grammar. I like dragons, but I hate comma splices (I have mixed feelings on the semicolon). My non-literary interests include running, lifting weights, fantasy baseball, and heavy metal. Some of these topics may make guest appearances on this blog, as well.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @adamknightbooks. I’m on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well.

In your writing, be weird, be offensive, be wrong. Just don’t be boring.


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